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Vacation on the island Hvar


Hvar, one of the most sunniest islands in Europe, not only in Croatia!

The island of Hvar has about 3000 sunny hours per year.

Hvar is among the 5 most beautiful island in the world not only in Croatia.
(According to the traveller magazine). Croatia has two islands in the top ten listings of the most beatiful island in the world, Hvar and Korcula.
But only the island of Hvar is in the top 5, so one might conclude that
Hvar is the most beautiful island in Croatia.

Where in Croatia is Hvar situated?

Hvar is situated in the south of Croatia (Dalmatia), between the island of Brac and Korcula in the Adriatic Sea, near the famous city of Split. From Split you can take one of the ferries or catamarans to reach the island Hvar.

Island Hvar

About Hvar, the vacation paradise in Croatia:


The length of Hvar is about 68 km, with a width of about 5 km. There are approx. 13000 inhabitants living on Hvar whole the year. Since more than 140 years people spend their vacation in Hvar town. Bit by bit tourism spread over whole the island of Hvar. Towns like Stari Grad and Jelsa became popular for vacation and holidays. Small villages like Zavala have been insiders' tip for holdiays on the island Hvar, because tourism began in Zavala about 30-40 years ago. The dalmatian coast is famous for the crystal blue sea and water quality, but that what you can find on the island of Hvar, is topping it. Not only the crystal blue sea but also the sounds and aromatic smells of untouched nature on the island Hvar will impress you.

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