Island Hvar

Island Hvar Climate

Hvar has an own microclimate wich has a positive impact on the weather and health.

The mild Mediterranean climate of the island of Hvar is also due to the special geographical location of the island. On Hvar island, it rains less than on all other islands in Croatia. In summer, the temperature rarely goes above 40 ° C. Hvar has mild winters and warm summers. Summers are comfortably warm by the prevailing west winds, even high temperatures are experienced as pleasant, because the humidity is very low normally. The island of Hvar offers an ideal climate for vacation and health tourism.

Island of Hvar & agriculture

Due to its climate, it is useful for the inhabitants of the island of Hvar to farm in the fields of wine, olive and lavender. This was also the case for centuries. Today, fewer and fewer locals deal with agriculture and fishing, most of them live mainly from tourism. Today the island of Hvar is also well known due to its dry wines e.g. the Plavac mali.

Island Hvar - Climate and health

For the unique climate, the island of Hvar is appreciated by many holidaymakers.

The climate on the island of Hvar is very mild and healthy. For people who suffer from certain allergies, respiratory diseases, as well as under (asthma, bronchitis), the climate on the island of Hvar is very pleasant and helpful. Furthermore, the climate on the island of Hvar is different from the climate of the neighboring islands, such as the island of Brac, the island of Korcula and the island of Vis. Often when it rains on the other islands around Hvar, on the island of Hvar its quite the opposite, here the sun is shining all the day.