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zavala, Island Hvar, Croatia.

Zavala, a gorgeous vacation resort on the island of Hvar!

Zavala is situated on the southern side of the island of Hvar,
where the water is still crystall blue, like in few places in this world. The bays and beaches in Zavala among to the most beatiful in Croatia, not only on Hvar island. Zavala on the Island Hvar is still a place where you can enjoy silence and the beauty of nature, because there are no hotels and urban noises nearby.

Zavala, the picturesque village on the island of Hvar, Croatia

The village of Zavala is connected to the northern side of the island Hvar by a tunnel with the length of about one mile (1.4 km).
Zavala is a small fishing-village, with approximately 200 habitants. Most people here in Zavala on Hvar Island live on fishing and agriculture and of course on tourism. They rent apartments, accommodation, lodgings for vacation on the Island Hvar. Across the island of Hvar, there is a lovely and peaceful island, the island of Scedro. It can be reached in about half an hour by motorboat from Zavala.

For divers there are also beatiful, great reefs and underwater caves in the area around Zavala on the Island Hvar.

The one who stayed here in Zavala on the island of Hvar once, won't forget it's beautiful nature and clearblue see.

Zavala info

Shopping in Zavala

There are two grocery stores in Zavala, on the island of Hvar.
The nearest grocery store is situated about 500 meters away from our house.

Restaurants and bars in Zavala

In Zavala there are restaurantes, 3 bars, bistros, cafe's and several guesthouses with accommodation, rooms and apartments.(You can walk along the seafront to go to the small fishing-harbour.)

In Zavala there are no disco clubs

There is not any disco in Zavala, the next disco on Island Hvar is situated in Jelsa that is about 7 km away from our vacation house with the accommodation. In Hvar town you will find many of them.